It’s what inspires everything we do at GTI Industries. Passion and people created our family-owned business and have led to a reputation of strong integrity in our industry.

Passion filled a station wagon more than 40 years ago with maps and paper orders and drives our fleet of trucks forward today. Because we love what we do. Every day.

Passion blends our traditional values with a forward-thinking, innovative outlook that we apply to everything we undertake. 

Passion makes us a valued resource for our clients, sharing expertise and enabling them to run a more efficient, profitable business.

Passion powers the collaborative and creative solutions we offer to our valued family of customers.  

Passion motivates our commitment to understand our clients’ needs and what’s important to them. 

Passion propels our dedicated, expert service team on site to you. 


And finally, passion makes us your trusted third-party, certified packaging provider. 

Let OUR Passionate People Help Support YOUR Passion for Success!
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