This questionnaire is intended to provide GTI INDUSTRIES INC data relative to the capabilities of our suppliers.  Please complete the questionnaire in sufficient detail to permit GTI to evaluate your company’s procedures and controls. 

Contact Name *
Contact Name
Quality Management – Administration
1. Is a Quality Management and Assurance System in force? *
2. Are you registered to any third party program such as ISO 9001? *
3. Are there written procedures in a Quality Manual/Inspection plan describing all quality related activities within the company? If so, please provide a copy of your quality manual. *
4. Are the Quality procedures maintained up-to-date? Is there a documented revision policy for periodic review and approval from quality management? *
5. Is an organizational chart available showing the position of the Quality Assurance/Control in relation to the other management functions? If yes, please provide a copy. *
6. Is the quality documentation readily accessible to all employees? *
7. Do you have an internal audit program? *
Purchasing and Vendor Management
1.Does the quality system include documented procedures to control purchased materials and services? *
2. Does an approved source list exist and is it documented? Is it assured that procurement is made only from approved suppliers? *
3. Do you have a supplier evaluation system procedure working and documented that monitors supplier performance? *
4. Do you audit your suppliers and maintain relevant records? *
Receiving Control and Inspection
1.Are all purchase materials/services subject to a receiving inspection? *
2. Does the inspection check incoming shipments to requirements of the purchase order, specification, drawings and/or other requirements? *
3. Do receiving records show accepted/rejected quantities and part numbers? Do they reflect the reason for rejection? *
4. Are samples checked periodically to verify conformance with specification requirements? *
Non-Conformance Management
1.Do you have written procedures for the following:
Rejection Procedures and Forms *
Corrective Actions *
Scrap Material Management *
Evaluation, segregation and disposition of non-conforming products *
2. Is Corrective Action defined as action taken to prevent reoccurrence and not merely a repair function? *
3. Is Corrective Action required with a prescribed time limit? *
Material Handling and Storage
1. Are all purchase materials/services subject to a receiving inspection? *
2. Are materials traceable to the original mill / manufacturer certification? *
3. Are “age control” items identified as to shelf life expiration date? *
4. Are “age control” items stored under proper environmental conditions as applicable? *
Packing & Shipping
1. Are there written procedures covering packaging, packing, marking and shipping? *
2. Is there a procedure for the inspection of the packaging, packing, marking and shipping processes to meet the contract or purchase order requirements? *
3. When applicable, do shipping documents contain a Certificate of Conformance containing a company approved Quality Control signature? *
4. Is a shipping checklist or other relevant procedure used in order to verify at least the following: *
a. the order is correct and complete (when possible) *
b. all pertinent paperwork included *
c. preservation and packing correct *
d. shipping destination and carrier verified *
Quality Records
1. Do you require that your suppliers provide documented certification for each receipt traceable to the Lot/Batch manufactured? *
2. Do you retain copies of these certifications on file? *
3. Are copies of these certifications available to customers on request? *
4. Are quality records controlled by the QA department? *
5. Records appropriately identified, collected, indexed, filed, reviewed, maintained
a. Contract Review *
b. Customer Complaint *
c. Acceptance Sampling *
d. Packaging & Shipping *
e. Non-Conformances *
f. Corrective Actions *
g. Receiving Control & Inspection *
h. Supplier / Subcontractor Evaluation *
i. Test / Inspection Reports – Results *
1. Is there a plan for training /certification of employees and is it implemented? *
2. Are the actual training /certifications made documented *
Final Check: Documents Required – Must Be Attached In An Email (If Applicable)
Please email document(s) to: and use Subject – Supplier Questionnaire

If you have an questions please email: and use Subject – Supplier Questionnaire