Wulftec SMART™ Series / Semi-Automatic

Turntable Stretch Wrappers


The Wulftec SMART Series is a competitively-priced series of semi automatic low and high profile turntable stretch wrapping systems… a smart approach to semi-automatic stretch wrapping.

With the SMART™ Series you get:

  • the exact stretch wrapper you need and pay only for the features you want
  • to pick and choose the individual components that will best meet your stretch wrapping needs
  • a better, more competitive price
  • better and quicker turnaround – now you don’t have to wait longer to get the exact machine you need - the smart series is modular in design
  • to adapt without overspending

The SMART Series™ has been designed to allow you to:

  • upgrade the control panel at any time
  • upgrade the base at any time
  • upgrade the carriage at any time
  • change the tower/wrap height at any time