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TS200 Tray Sealing Machine

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TS200 Tray Sealing Machine

The TS200 tray sealing machine is ideal for small to medium packaging volumes, especially in food settings. The items to be packaged are placed manually in a prefabricated tray. The filled trays are then covered with film and sealed airtight, or evacuated and filled with modified atmosphere gas before sealing then cut for a perfect finished look. Ready for shipment or retail sales.

The high-performance, compact and semi-automatic table-top model is compact, easy to operate, and quickly ready for use. The product to be packaged is manually placed into prefabricated trays. The filled trays are then covered with a top film and sealed airtight or, after extracting the atmospheric air, filled with a gas mixture and sealed. The modified atmosphere protects the packaged products and guaranties a longer shelf life.

Your benefit
Hygienic and easy to clean thanks to smooth surfaces made
of non-rusting materials, and rounded corners. High-performance, compact table-top model with integrated vacuum pump. Straightforward operation and selection of programs based on control system with micro-processor 20 programs available for selection.

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