Compact and portable. The airplus system, using rolls of special film, creates strong air pillows of varying sizes. Can be used in most locations. Durable, & easy to install. Simple control panel makes it easy to operate.


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The Advantages of AIRplus® for protective packaging:

  • Made in the USA at Storopack’s own production facilities
  • Diverse: There is an air cushion type for every application
  • Economical: Low use of raw materials due to multi-layer co-extrusion
  • Durable: All equipment has excellent mechanical properties and has been proven to meet industry standards
  • Environment: AIRplus® film types are #2 curbside recyclable in accordance with ASTM 6400 and DIN Certco EN 13432
  • Saves space: On-demand systems for minimal storage
  • Integrates: Compact, user-friendly devices allow key placement in packing areas
  • Convenient Disposal: one step to deflate packaging material leaving only the empty film