Stretch wrapping is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to wrap and stabilize your pallet loads.
No matter the weight, dimensions or stability of your loads, GTI Industries carries heavy-duty, rugged and reliable semi-automatic stretch wrap machines. These machines are custom built with only the options you need, making them cost effective. In addition, GTI Industries provides supplies and service for a wide variety of stretch wrap equipment. 


GTI is proud to carry heavy-duty, rugged and reliable Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machines. These machines are custom built with only the options you need, making them cost effective. Using a semi-automatic stretch wrap machine eliminates the unnecessary use of excessive stretch film and labor, reduces your shipping cost and produces quick return on investment. Other key benefits are increased productivity and elimination of worker strain that can be caused by wrapping pallets manually.

Commercial semi-automatic wrapping machines and equipment from GTI Industries Inc in Florida, USA

Commercial automatic turntable stretch wrapper equipment from GTI Industries Inc in Florida, USA


GTI's automatic systems are built with the highest degree of structural integrity, flexibility, reliability and performance. These fully automatic pallet wrapping systems and the automated wrapping machine are manufactured solely with structural steel (no framed metal or plastic parts) for the longest possible machine life in the harshest possible environments.


Rotary arm stretch wrapper machines are one of the pallet wrapping machines category that differentiate for the presence of a  mechanical arm that “turns around” the pallet to be packed. The rotary arm stretch wrapper machine offer a new range of solutions for customers who need to wrap very heavy or very light unstable loads, where a machine with rotary platform may be inadequate. These machines are available both in the automatic version, where no intervention of the operator is necessary, and in the semi-automatic version, where the operator must carry out the activities of connection and cutting of the stretch film.

Commercial rotary armwrappers and equipment from GTI Industries Inc in Florida, USA

Our stretch wrappers are designed to work flawlessly, even in the harshest conditions.
Also, our pallet wrappers are easy to set up, easy to operate and offer extremely tight wraps load after load, year after year, providing to be efficient and durable. Backed by manufacturer’s warranties. Our machines are known for reliability. Whether you need to wrap 10 or 100 loads per day or a loadthat is unstable, extra heavy or has an irregular shape, we offer a variety of stretch wrap machines that are designed to wrap your load.

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