Seal, cover and protect a variety of products, packages and containers in a cost-effective way with GTI’s shrink film machines. Manual shrink film machines include impulse sealers, single bar and straight sealers. Once the product has been encased, a heat gun or heat tunnel (which we also carry) will shrink the film around your product.  Our quality sealers, tunnels, combo units and sleeve wrappers are also easy to use and maneuver.  Furthermore, GTI’s fully automatic shrink film equipment can shrink and bundle product or wrap trays and offer a long life span, superior performance, durability and reliability.  In addition to expert service on shrink packaging equipment, we carry a full line of supplies.


Combo Shrink Systems and Equipment from GTI Industries Inc in Florida, USA

GTI’s industrial combo shrink systems provide a quality shrink packaging solution in a compact footprint, available in automatic combo systems or semi-automatic combo systems. Combo systems are available in greatly equiped heavy duty combos, or find compact sizes and customize your options with a standard duty combos.  L bar sealers and shrink tunnels are combined in one industrial shrink wrapping machine to provide tightly wrapped packaging solutions. First, sealed in a bag using the L bar sealer, the package then moves to the shrink tunnel where the film is heated and shrinks around the package. Shrink wrap machines are used to provide a transparent, tightly wrapped package. Practical and cost effective, shrink packaging is great for packaging boxes, cartons, multi-packs, and beverage cans.


L Bar Sealers and L Bar Packaging Equipment from GTI Industries Inc in Florida, USA

Using center folded film, L bar sealers create bags around products with poly bagging. L bar sealers are built to last with a compact footprint. Semi-automartic  L bar standard sizes range from 15” by 15” up to 30” by 40”. Custom size options are also available. Add a shrink tunnel or heat gun to an L sealer to produce tightly shrink wrapped packages for shrink wrapping. Economical and great for creating single or multi-pack packages for sale, as an insert into another package or for shipping.


Shrink Tunnel and Heat Shrink Tunnel Equipment from GTI Industries Inc in Florida, USA

Industrial heat shrink tunnels use heat to shrink film around packages. Shrink tunnel standard sizes range from 15” wide by 6” high up to 22” wide by 8” high, with varying lengths and extended heights. Shrink tunnels are often used in conjunction with an L bar sealer or sleeve wrapper bundler, but also stand alone for shrink banding applications. Heat oven shrink tunnels are great for packaging boxes, cartons, creating multi-packs, and pallet loads. Shrink banding seals tamper evident bands on medicine bottles, soup containers, perishables, and in other safety applications.

Sealer, Tunnels, Combo Units and Sleeve Wrappers are all sealers that are easy to use and are often portable and easy to maneuver. Fully automatic shrink film equipment can shrink packages or wrap trays such as bundling equipment that are built with the best materials and components available including stainless steel to offer a long life span, superior performance, durability and reliability.

This equipment can be used in low or high speed productions with both clear and printed films. Our equipment can also wrap bundles of product with no tray needed. This contributes to material cost savings for your finished product.

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