GTI Industries’ commitment to excellence extends to the inkjet printing, labeling and coding machines we represent. With beefy warranties and ease of operation, these workhorses can pump out multiple lines of alphanumerics and graphics in various colors that can be applied to many diverse surfaces in varying environments. There’s no reason for a plainly labeled carton, package or container to leave your warehouse again! GTI Industries also provides printing supplies and service for our printing equipment.


Commercial and industrial continuous inkjet printer equipment from GTI Industries Inc in Florida, USA

Industrial Inkjet Printers are used for printing variable data such as production and expiry dates, batch numbers, serial numbers, code numbers, Real time & date printing, for printing alpha – numerical characters ( Text), messages etc… on to any substrates / surfaces such as plastic, glass, tin, film, steel, paper, wood. These printers are widely used in Food, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Building Materials manufacturing industries. Demand for coding and marking equipment in world wide is growing rapidly since demand for printers is directly linked to manufacturing growth. Tighter regulations on product traceability, increasing automation in production lines, growth in retail market requirements for better product appearance & packaging will all lead to increased usages of industrial inkjet printers in our day to day life.


Commercial Hi-res printers and equipment from GTI Industries Inc in Florida, USA

High-resolution printers are a reliable, low cost ink jet printhead capable of printing many lines of data including alphanumerics, logos and UPC-A bar codes onto porous or non-porous surfaces. These printers offers highly reliable thermal jet technology, high-resolution printing, easy-to-change ink cartridges, and a wealth of industrial-grade performance features. In short, it's the best value for many marking/coding applications. Our high-resolution printers are designed and engineered with a thermal jet printhead that is industrial, low-cost, easy to use and truly unique in the product identification marketplace today. 


GTI offers a variety of coding and marking equipment, from large character inkjet printers for porous materials. We offers a wide variety of low cost, large character inkjet coding printers and specialize in custom coding solutions. Contact us today for expert consulting on equipment for your business.

Commercial case coder and marking equipment from GTI Industries Inc in Florida, USA

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