Hand cranked windows. No air conditioning. Elegant “wood-like” exterior panels. Four, gleaming white-walled tires.  Front seat filled with papers, back seat folded down to accommodate samples and deliveries in the “way back.”  And a canister of dimes for pay phone calls. This is how GTI Industries started in 1972 in the back of a red Plymouth station wagon. 

In those early days, we were known as Gummed Tape, Inc. since our entire product line consisted of paper and reinforced gummed tapes, both printed and plain. Our founders made all the sales, printed all the tape and made all the deliveries in that old station wagon.

Of course, times have changed. We have grown from a mom-and-pop operation into one of the largest and most respected distributors in Florida. We went from pay phone coins to calling cards to cell phones and now Bluetooth. A lot of paper has gone digital thanks to computers and iPads. Our employees now number close to 50 and our clients in the thousands. Air conditioning, power windows and door locks have transformed the driving experience (especially in South Florida). 

What has stayed the same is GTI’s passion for packaging and our dedication to our customers throughout the years. Our corporate culture of diligent work infused with treatment of employees and clients like family has made us a recognized market leader in customer (and employee) satisfaction in our area. And, we still believe that the better we know our customers, the better we can serve them.