At GTI, we pride ourselves on creating tailored packaging solutions which provide cost effective outcomes, while building reputation and relationships. Our team members are ready to help your company develop and implement the right productive packaging strategies for your production lines.

A lot of companies sell packaging supplies, but how do those companies service and relate to their customers?  GTI Industries uniquely blends our 45-year traditional values and experience with a forward-thinking, innovative outlook to provide our customers with distinctive solutions, services and products. We wholeheartedly believe that the better we know our customers, the better we can serve them. 


Some of our key values include the following:

  • We employ conscious, sustainable business practices, both fiscally and environmentally, and we pass along cost efficiencies when possible to our customers.
  • We treat customers, employees, and business partners honestly, fairly and with respect.
  • We are committed to conducting our business activities in compliance with ethical and responsible business practices, built on the principle of doing the right thing each and every day.
  • We strive to build unity between all departments and operate as one team, stressing “WE” not “I”.
  • We celebrate small successes in order to achieve our greater goals. We work hard and have fun doing it.
  • We actively evaluate and benchmark everything we do. As a result, GTI is one of Florida's most reliable packaging suppliers, authenticated by average customer order fill rates of 96%. Providing our clients with consistent quality service and products is our number one commitment at GTI Industries.