Known as stretch wrap , pallet wrap, or stretch film this highly elastic plastic film is wrapped around loads to provide stability during movement. The elastic recovery of the film keeps the items tightly bound together. Additionally, stretch film offers your loads a measure of tamper evidence and protection from the elements. Stretch film is manufactured by adding different chemical mixtures to the base polyethylene material features like memory, strength and cling. GTI representatives can help you chose the specific material you be happiest with. We carry a variety of stretch films for different applications and industry sectors including standard, extended core and black security wrap. Whether applying stretch film by hand or with a stretch wrap machine, we have you covered. 


Shrink film or shrink wrap, as its frequently referred to in the packaging industry, is a thin film manufactured from a plastic based material. It’s generally used to wrap up a wide variety of products with reverse shapes, sizes and weights, due to its high level of transparency and clarity. Shrink wrap brings sales appeal to distinction to your products. The shrink wrapping process involves using a shrink wrap roll in combination with shrink wrap equipment. The equipment can be as simple as a hand held, single bar sealer, an industrial grade blow dryer or a sophisticated semi-automatic or fully automatic machine.


Our banding film provides great cling and puncture resistance for a wide variety of uses including bundling items for Fed Ex/ UPS, banding product on a pallet for internal transfer, wrapping pipe and wood while replacing adhesive tape to eliminate damage from sticky residue.