GTI has a full inventory of Dispensers for Carton Sealing Tape in both heavy duty and economical options. If Water Activated Gum Tape is your tape of choice, we stock both Manual and Electric Gum Tape Machines, These machines are durable and a great means of sealing your cases for safe transit. GTI also stocks parts and services gum tape machines for your convenience. Also in stock are our Hand Stretch Film Dispensers which help you easily apply stretch film to your pallet loads, These dispensers are available in standard stainless steel and are adjustable to fit films from 12” to 18” in width.

GTI carriers a complete range of strapping tools for both, plastic strapping and steel strapping. Our full line includes strapping tensioners, sealers (crimpers), strapping cutters and also combination strapping tools. The type of strapping tool used will depend on your particular strapping application. If you are not sure what tool you or your customer might need, please call us. Our sales representatives are fully trained and have the knowledge to advise you on what may work best for you. No matter if you are looking for a simple strapping application or a complicated workflow design, we are here to help you.

Call us for pricing on our dispensers and simplify your daily packaging.