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Manufactured To Work For You

Packaging is a key component in both manufacturing and distribution.  In manufacturing, primary packaging is often the deciding factor in a purchase decision.  The perception received by a consumer when viewing the packaging of a product is many times what influences their decision to buy.  Packaging is a critical element to manufacturers. 
Distribution on the other hand uses industrial packaging supplies.  These products are just as important
, as they provide security throughout transportation reducing damaged products, theft and tampering.
GTI Industries has spent decades building a reputation of excellence in the packing and automation industry. It’s a climb we are proud of and it’s an accolade we strive  for
. Manufacturing and distribution companies alike, which are constantly under pressure to reduce costs and enhance operational agility to maintain efficiency and cost effectiveness, need a team like GTI Industries in their corner. We can help you to systematically improve operations in your quest to packaging perfection.