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Manual vs. Electric?

 Manual vs. Electric, Electric vs. Manual


Which Type of Water-Activated Tape Dispenser Should You Buy?

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PROBLEM: You're not sure if your Company should purchase an electric or a manual water-activated tape dispenser?

You may be considering switching from plastic tape to water-activated tape. Or, perhaps your current water-activated tape dispenser is not keeping up with your increased carton sealing volume. Whatever the crossroad, you've reached a decision point: Should you buy a manual or an electric water-activated tape dispenser?

SOLUTION: Answer the following three questions about your current and projected carton sealing patterns and volume...your responses will help define your choice.

1) Do you seal more than 25 cartons per day or expect to in the next 5 years?2) Are your cartons longer than 45 inches?

3) Do you seal cartons of several different sizes?    

If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, you should strongly consider purchasing an electric water-activated tape dispenser.

(Note: These are guidelines to help you make the right carton sealing decision. For further guidance, call your salesman.)

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Why Better Packages?

To use WAT, you need a water-activated tape dispenser. To maximize productivity and cost-effectiveness, you need to choose the right dispenser and manufacturer. Better Packages dispensers are quite simply, the best dispensers on the market

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Better Pack electric tape dispensers are built to meet or exceed UL, CE and CSA regulatory requirements for electronic and operator safety.

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  • Last an average of 16 years.

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