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Fenty Beauty Is Ushering in a New Era of Inclusivity In Beauty Packaging

The universally famous make up line named after the mastermind and beautiful face that brought it to the world is all everyone can talk about these days. Why? For one thing, the product fills a void felt by many makeup users of deeper, darker complexion. The make-up line boasts a collection of 40 tones from 100 to 470. The singer has been meticulously overseeing the development of the line, prioritizing its wearability, ensuring that makeup users are encouraged to be creative and unique in using the products. How does she get that message across? 

Established nyc Rihanna Fenty beauty Collection | Makeup Packging

Well, the make-up speaks for itself. Reviews are stellar and Fenty Beauty is on its way to being in the dictionary along with bootylicious, yowza, and NSFW, but before the makeup can speak for itself, the packaging beckoned shoppers to pick up the tubes and packs up off the shelves. Fast. 

Geometric shapes have really taken over. Just look at the trending geometric tattoos, makeup designs, display cases, etc. Following suit, some the Fenty Beauty line seems to mimic the honey comb. The latest line of cosmic gloss screams “pick me up!” with its rainbow psychedelic packaging giving a hint of the sparkle held inside the package. Still, other products build the suspense with an opaque container giving just enough of a teaser to entice but not enough to satisfy. You have to buy to satisfy. 


Also, Rihanna has made herself a walking billboard for her makeup. If there is a product that will make women look remotely as flawless as Rihanna, we’re pretty sure people will do whatever it takes to get it - even stalk the nearest Sephora until they restock their favorite item. 

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WE LOVE THE LOOK: Kylie Cosmetic's Valentine’s Day Collection

Valentine's Collection for Kylie Cosmetics
The Be Mine Valentines Collection by Kylie Jenner has already sold out

Kylie Jenner recently introduced via social media a preview of her upcoming Valentine's Collection for Kylie Cosmetics. The dynamic launch includes a fierce look, thanks to its vibrant packaging.  It features the iconic Kylie lip-drip logo but dazzles in red glitter. Kylie never seems to disappoint her fans.  The Be Mine Valentines Collection has already sold out, just like  past limited editions including the Birthday Collection, Holiday Collection and KoKo Kollection.

What makes us a huge fan of Kylie’s is how marketing and packaging combine to create perfection and stirs up a frenzy where consumers anxiously wait for their parcel to arrive on their doorstep.   Creating a look and establishing a brand blended with the right packaging is essential to a successful product launch.  In Kylie’s case, we think she does an amazing job with her line of cosmetics.  Keep up the flawless look.

Kylie's Cosmetic's Valentine's Day Collection features the iconic Kylie lip-drip logo but dazzles in red glitter ...

Kylie's Cosmetic's Valentine's Day Collection features the iconic Kylie lip-drip logo but dazzles in red glitter ...

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