Wulftec invests over $2M in its facility

Wulftec International, a company specialized in stretch wrapping equipment, announces investments of $2.2 million to expand and improve its Ayer’s Cliff, Quebec plant.

Guy Lopes, Operations director, explains that a building in need of attention will be demolished. “We’ll have a new two-story building. It will include a showroom and a laboratory as well as a classroom. We’ll also find administrative and commercial offices”, he said.

The actual administrative building will also be modified in order to create new office space in the front part of the second floor. The first floor cafeteria will be expanded by approximately 75%.

In 2014, the company made a 10,000 square foot expansion. That section has already been filled. A new 8,000 square foot expansion is needed once more. “The demands are constantly increasing so we’ll reconfigure the production line. It will allow us to have an increased production capacity and meet the demands,” mentioned Mr. Lopes.

Wulftec currently employs 210 employees in its Ayer’s Cliff facility. With no specific timeline, the engineer says new jobs will be created in coming months