Sling-Slang Yoyo

Those aged 25-30 surely remember the childhood days spent playing with the multi-coloured yo-yos and the attempt of mastering the secrets of this timeless classic. Yo-yos had a bit of a quiet time during the last 15 years but something has just changed thanks to Tait Design Co.. which had decided to bring the yo-yo back to life. 

Tait Design Co. is a Detroit based design company headed by Matthew Tait which produces some great products (like Turbo Flyer, a model aeroplane previously featured on The Dieline) and the Sling-Slang YOYO is their latest offering that has captured our attention. 


The Sling-Slang YOYO is crafted from hard maple and is aimed at the beginner to intermediate level of YoYo lovers. It features a removable, grooved steel axle which comes as a kit with two strikingly vibrant cotton-poly strings in a screen printed recycled cardboard velcro-lock case. All of the screen-printing is done by hand and everything included the packaging is assembled in Detroit, Michigan.

“Every cardboard case is hand-assembled and is made of five layers of recycled cardboard sandwiched together. The front and back panels are hand screen-printed, with the front panel being double-sided so that the instructions are on the inside when you open it up."

“Each string is hand-wrapped and finished with a kraft paper sticker that has a string logo on it that matches the front cover. I was going back and forth about how to do the strings forever. I try to avoid plastic at all costs with my products, so putting the strings in a plastic bag was off the table and a rubber band didn't seem to fit aesthetically. That's when I remembered how the cross-stitch strings that my Mom used came packaged in those little gold paper stickers! it thought that was the perfect way to do these. It's a lot of work to hand-wrap these and do them that way, but it's the little details that make a product great.”