Counter Culture Coffee

Counter Culture Coffee is pleased to unveil a new look for its products, with bold, colorful designs and biodegradable packaging—along with new product names for four of its six year-round coffees. Debuting on Friday, October 3rd, the update reflects the company’s continual evolution as an innovative coffee roaster—a leader within the specialty coffee industry for nearly two decades—and serves as the centerpiece of an overall aesthetic up-fit for Counter Culture that brings greater cohesion to the various facets of their business.”

“Conceived and developed by Counter Culture’s in-house design team, with work beginning in earnest in February 2014, the rebrand progressed at an accelerated pace. Each year-round product will have its own design variation for 12-ounce packaging, and all single-origin coffees—representing dozens of countries and farms—will go into a single bag design with differentiated labeling unique to each origin. Each vibrant, eye-catching color used is representative of a year-round product or single origin coffee, allowing buyers to easily distinguish the varieties, and each product has a unique texture and icon that is representative of that coffee. Additionally, the roast date appears in a more prominent location on all bags, further underlining Counter Culture’s commitment to quality and transparency.”

“All 12-ounce whole-bean bags will be made of Biotre film, a material created by Pacific Bag Inc. at the forefront of sustainable, biodegradable packaging initiatives. Up to 60 percent of the material comes from renewable resources—shown to break down in well-managed compost environments in approximately 90 days—with the remaining materials breaking down in five to 10 years in a landfill.