Intelligent Packaging Heineken Interactive Beer Bottle

Heineken pushing the limits in interactive packaging.

Heineken Ignite: Heineken’s Interactive Beer Bottle Redefining Intelligent Packaging

Intelligent Packaging

Heineken recently became the first beer company to create an interactive and intelligent bottle. In April, Heineken successfully launched their new packaging campaign, paving the way into uncharted frontiers of technology and social interaction. The Heineken Ignite bottle stands out as it interacts with its environment, other ignite bottles, and people.

Their main idea was to create a social interaction experience unlike any by incorporating the power and potential of mobile technology with social interaction.

The new Heineken Ignite bottle is designed with a micro sensor which works on a wireless network enabling it to detect when the holder raises the bottle to toast, when a sip is being taken and even respond to music playing via LED lights set within it.

Each Ignite bottle comes with a plastic base which houses the hardware and the software required to make this amazing interaction realistic.

The base comes packed with 8 LED lights, a accelerometer sensor and a microprocessor which work in unison to detect different motions and communicate with a secondary transceiver.

After its successful launch, Heineken Ignite is expected to roll out in early 2014.

This video will show you how amazing this intelligent packaging is in action.

How Heineken Ignite works

Accelerometer detects movement

When a reveler raises the bottle to sip from it or when making a toast, the microsensor, which runs on the 8-bit microprocessor, senses these movements and lights up the 8 LED lights set within the bottle, making it glow.

Remote control

The Heineken Ignite interactive bottle can also be remotely controlled. Once activated, the bottle lights up in sync with music beats, creating a show of lights like a Christmas tree. Ignite bottles will easily be remote controlled by a DJ enhancing the light show and creating an experience unlike any ever seen before.