Pack a Thanksgiving Punch

If you polled most Americans, they would say that food is the most critical component of Thanksgiving, followed by football (and hopefully family ranks in there somewhere, too). For GTI, Thanksgiving is a glorious display of gratitude … for packaging!  It’s a day that offers numerous opportunities to flaunt our creative, solution-based packaging expertise to family and friends. 51b5f26a74c5b65d73000da3._w.540_s.fit_-2thanksgiving day kids table

For instance, you know those guys from Burgers & Beers who use kraft paper for a table cloth? We put that to work at the kids’ table with some crayons, feeding the inner artist as well as the hungry belly, occupying these restless rascals for a good while. You can easily throw it right into the trash receptacle when dinner is done.

Even chic designers are getting into the kraft paper craze by running shorter kraft paper rolls right down the middle of the center of the main table as a table runner. Some creatively ambitious adults may secretly snag some crayons from the kids to create some handprint turkeys of their own.


Sports and Thanksgiving complement each other like turkey and stuffing, like gravy and mash potatoes, like pumpkin pie and whipped cream. But watching sports isn’t going to burn those calories, and even tag football is kind of lame anymore. So how about hitting the backyard with a bundle of bubble wrap for a serious game of Bubble Football? Experience the hard hits of full contact football without sending cousin Freddie (or yourself) to the hospital. Trade those expensive pads and helmets for layers of bubble wrap and tape for protection. Now you have the uniform of a true packaging gridiron warrior!

Or, how about challenging your mother-in-law to a friendly game of Bubble Sumo Wrestling? Sure to create some awkwardness at first, it’s guaranteed to work out family tension. Follow the same instructions for Bubble Football, but add a few more rotations of wrap around each willing participant and face off to see who reigns supreme.


Good luck in making this Thanksgiving the coolest ever with simple packaging sure to pack a punch.