If there was a job title of ‘Cardboard Specialist’, GTI’s Pedro Carvajal, would be the holder. Pedro’s been with GTI for 7 years, and he’s our go-to-guy for all things corrugated. In fact, he’ll be the first to point out that “cardboard box” actually refers to the stuff that cereal and board games come in and that “corrugated fiberboard boxes” are the containers that we incorrectly believe to be cardboard. And while Pedro sadly sees the world in the same tone of brown, he explores the vast universe of honeycombs, flutes, single face walls, linerboards, ECTs (Edge Crush Test), calipers, and points. photo-7Pedro witnesses first-hand that standard and custom corrugated cartons are some of the largest commodities that GTI moves. We caught up with him recently during a close inspection of the tensile strength of a five panel folder and rigid bliss box (don’t ask).  “We get in and dissect every layer of the cartons we sell so we can match the best product to our client needs,” Pedro explained, magnifying glass in one hand and X-Acto knife in the other. “We are experts in knowing the quality of paper and media used in different industries. We’ve actually been able to down-gauge board combinations in order to cut customer costs while maintaining a sturdy, reliable box that works.”

Way before Pedro was an expert; pleated paper was patented in England for sweatband lining in top hats in about 1856. In 1871, corrugated fiberboard made of pleated paper with a single liner sheet on one side was patented in New York.  Then in 1874, a second liner was added, making this the form of corrugated we know today. But, it wasn’t until 1894 that the first corrugated box was created. Since then, corrugated cartons have evolved into one of the preferred shipping containers of choice (and rainy day forts for kids).

Today, corrugated cartons are produced in various paper grades and combinations.  They are not only an integral means of secondary packaging used in the transporting of goods, but for many products they are used as primary packaging.  Because of its low cost, recyclability and ability to market its content with printing and laminating, GTI is betting that corrugated will reign as king of packaging for another 100 years.

With the strategic approach that GTI provides to corrugated cartons, we have optimized storage capacity for our customers while still meeting their packing requirements. At GTI, we have cartons “down-packed!”