To Hopper Or Not To Hopper

If you love movies from the late great Dennis Hopper like we do, naming a few good movies choices is not hard but we are a packaging company, not film critics so that is not the "Hopper" we will talking about today. But when you are involved in shipping of delicate or easily-damaged items, you will need quite a number of packaging materials at hand so you can have an easier time packing. You will need boxes, packing tape, tape dispensers, some packing foam, packing peanuts, and perhaps a packing peanut hopper dispenser if your operations are big enough to warrant the use of such a useful dispenser. Packing peanuts are essential to packing but they can be a bit troublesome to handle and if you pack them by hand, it could take some time before the entire task is finished. In business, time is money and if you want to save on both, even something as simple a packing peanut hopper dispenser may help you achieve your goal. If you handle packing peanuts regularly, this may be what you need for your operations.










The Essentials

If you plan on getting one of these hopper dispensers to help you out in your packaging business, you have to look at pricing and the cost of investing in one for your company. If you will use it extensively, you will have to make sure you invest in the right size dispenser. For businesses that use foam peanuts to ship products to customers, you cannot go wrong in getting a packing peanut hopper dispenser. If you want to save money and offer affordable shipping rates to customers at the same time, you will want to look for a peanut dispenser that is also low-priced so you pass the savings on to your customers. When planning to buy your own packing peanut foam dispenser, one thing you have to think about is how often you will be using packing peanuts in your operations. If you do not use them all that often, you may not want to invest in a dispenser because you will not get the most of it either. You may also want to consider the space you will need once you have this type of dispenser installed.

Foam Dispenser Sizes

Packing peanut dispensers come in many different sizes but to be sure, even the smallest one will still demand some extra space for it to work. If your operations happen to be smaller, you can invest in a small, 15 cu. ft. packing peanut hopper dispenser which is best used for buildings that have lower ceilings. If your operations are bigger, there are also some other dispensers which can suit your needs. If the 15 cu. ft. dispenser does not suit your needs, you can get a bigger one that measures 20 cu. ft. or you can always go for the 60 cu. ft. or the 80 cu. ft. so you don’t have to refill the dispensers too often as this can disrupt operations.

What to Look for In a Packing Peanut Dispenser

Once you have determined the size of the dispenser you need, you should now consider other factors into the bill. When looking for a packing peanut hopper dispenser, look for one that you can use with some loose fill foam peanuts. It would be nice if you can get one that has a gravity free flow function. Remember that the bigger the dispenser, the more labor you will save because you don’t have to refill the dispenser that often. You should go for a machine that has at least a 5″ standard aluminum valve. You can email at for pricing.