Advantages of A Pallet Truck

Another advantage for using a pallet truck is the maintenance cost is much cost effective  than a forklift. Since there are two types of pallet truck to be choose whether manual or electric powered, both will require simple service such as lubricating or changing the battery which only a few dollar. The pallet truck also requires only small space for storage and do not require lots of training to use it. A great idea is the adjustable width pallet jack, as it will save you money and space. Pallet truck is a device widely used in industrial sector and some supermarket to lift and move packages. The device works by lifting the packages using a hydraulic system installed at the front of the jack to raise your package slightly above the ground to be moved. There are lots of pallet trucks for you to choose made available in the market nowadays depending on the type of package you are handling and their weigh.

When moving pallets from one location to the other you need a reliable pallet jack on hand. GTI supplies both manual and electric pallet jacks that are sturdy and durable.

Pallet Jacks also known as pallet trucks or pump trucks, are used to lift and move pallets. The small front wheels of a pallet truck are mounted inside the end of the forks while the larger back wheels are located immediately under the truck control arm or handle. The forks are maneuvered into slots in the side of the pallet. The pallet is raised slightly off the ground either manually or power transferred by hydraulic jack. It is only lifted a matter of a few inches from the ground for subsequent moving.

Besides manual pallet jacks, GTI offers several electric rider pallet truck models for various applications. Rider pallet trucks are the product of choice when it comes to low-level order picking, high-speed transporting and dock work.

Also available are fully powered electric pallet trucks that easily lift and lower loads with a push of a button. Electric Pallet Jacks quickly and easily maneuver loads up ramps and inside trailers.

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