6 Ways to Save Space in Your Warehouse

Making sure your entire inventory, supplies, and equipment fits inside your warehouse can be a daunting task. Then making sure products are easily retrieved, put away, and accounted for and the process becomes much more complicated. We here at GTI Industries have created a few helpful tips to help you save space…

1. Over Aisle Storage – If space is limited already, adding beams across aisles and storing products above offers a lot more space for pallets.

2. Narrow Your Aisles - You can open up large amounts of space for more pallets by simply narrowing aisles. Switch from traditional sit-down equipment to newer stand-up equipment, which needs only 96” of width compared to 144-168” with sit-down. This equipment transition will aid the change in your warehouse while still allowing easy maneuverability.

3. Expand Up – Add extensions to existing uprights and purchase taller uprights when buying new frames to create more pallet space. Extensions are easily bolted onto uprights to provide as much space as desired.

4. Adjust Beams Levels and Change Pallet Profiles – Thorough inspection of pallet dimensions can allow you to adjust beam levels so that no more than 4-7” inches is wasted during pallet lift-off. Usually adjusting beam levels allows for at least one additional shelf level to be added.

5. Change Your Storage Medium – If you are currently using selective pallet racking, you may to a really consider your storage method. Warehouse products rarely move in and out at the same speed, and certain products move more quickly than other, meaning the same storage option is probably not best for everything. Some products are better stored on shelves, while others may be better suited with a drive-in or push-back option. Consider a vertical lift or a mezzanine to save both time and space in your warehouse. Products that move out of your warehouse quickly might be better off being stacked on the floor, eliminating the need for racking. Slow movers, seasonal products, multiple pallets per SKU items and things similar are a great place to start looking for storing alternatives.

6. Create or Update Your Slotting System - Slotting is the process of selecting storage locations for SKUs and is ideal for reducing order picking time, put-away time and eliminate warehouse congestion. Many vendors offer slotting software to aid in choosing and locating specific SKUs. This software also allows you to view picking velocity of specific SKUs so you can analyze product movement. Slotting is a great option to reduce picking and put-away time, helping a warehouse of any size run more efficiently.